The Jester Prince

By Joseph M. Flansburg
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The story of the Jester Prince is a tale that inspires reader to have faith in what they believe in and that their fight will result in a victory.

When a common jester is chosen to save the kingdom, he must have faith in himself and fight his hardest. This story of love, hope, humor, and courage has all of the elements of a classic fairy tale story.

About the Author

Growing up in a small city in New York, Joseph M. Flansburg learned early on that you must work for what you want in life. After he graduated high school, he enlisted in the Navy. After the Navy, Flansburg got involved in theater and then became a limo driver.

After being told to write the stories he tells, he began to write his first novel, The Jester Prince.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 114

Customer Reviews

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Mrs. A B
Jester Prince

The author adheres to a fairy tale style of writing. The main character becomes both a prince & jester through circumstances beyond his control, and must prove himself to go against an evil witch who wants to take over kingdoms and has succeeded many times before. Can jester prince outwit and out power her? You must read this and see!

Joseph Flansburg
Overall a good story

It is amazingly relevant to what is going on in our world. I may be the author but I still feel a rush when I read it.