The Jackal

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Maria Anderson

About the Book

In a time of very little tolerance, a young boy is born who seems strange to those

around him. He grows up in an atmosphere of whispers, snide remarks, and rumors

about his sinister nature, but he marches forward and one day meets his true love.

They marry and start their family.

Then tragedy strikes and The Jackal fully embraces all his neighbors’ dire predictions

of his evil heart and wreaks havoc on the village that has shunned him. He isolates

his young family and steps onto a path of seeking more power at any price, maybe

the cost of his family, a family whose love may yet redeem him—if there’s time.

Follow this family through joy, heartbreak, destruction, and rebirth.

About the Author

Maria Anderson is the mother of four children. She is supported by her family when it comes to her writing and in anything she does. Writing has always been a passion of Anderson’s since she was younger. She is so happy her dream is coming true.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 304