The Italian Connection

By Mark Hyde
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About the Book

Set in 1953, The Italian Connection follows our protagonist Jack Dewey, gentleman thief, amateur racer, and WWII veteran, as he is reluctantly recruited by the CIA to take on secret missions in Italy and southern Europe. During one such mission, in which Dewey must tail a rogue Soviet General, he crosses paths with the mysterious Natalina Scherbina, a Soviet assassin who recently tried (and failed) to kill him. Begrudgingly, the two agree to work together, and the former enemies begin to uncover a deeper conspiracy involving the rogue General, the Italian Mafia, and a former Nazi with nebulous ambitions for Europe.

About the Author

Mark Hyde has written as a hobby for the better part of a decade while having an extensive career in manufacturing and trades. He and his partner reside in Indiana.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 144