The Invasion Of The Dreamcatchers

By E. Hunt Reville
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Meet Crimson, Jake, Chloe, Alex, Mai, and Leroy, six extraordinary students from Pemrock Pool Paranormal Boarding College. They have already seen much in their lives and suffered untold tragedies. These six teenagers have found a close-knit family at the school. Together they are about to face their most mind-bending adventure yet.

Along with their teacher, Mrs. Blackwood, they will take an exciting and treacherous journey into the spirit world. Their trip begins on the mystery night train, which will take them into a frozen world of snow and ice and where all kinds of strange and ghoulish things await. Their guide is the spooky Nathan Soleman. Meeting ghosts, battling the evil dreamcatchers, and feeling the rescuing touch of angels are just a few of the wild adventures they will have to survive if they want to return to school alive. But once they return, will the nightmare be over? Or will their dream become reality?

About the Author

A native of Wales, UK, E. Hunt Reville has a diploma in creative writing and enjoys writing poetry, walking along the Canal, sports activities with her children, and attending pop concerts. She is also the author of several poetry books: My Small World, The Art of Poetry, Flight of Fancy, The Thought That Counts, Home Thoughts, and Dreams of the Night.

When I was a young child, Ms. Reville claims, I dreamt of evil dreamcatchers. I became feverishly ill and decided to write a book on their evilness.

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Published: 2008
Page Count: 142