The Intentional Transformative Power Of Holy Sex

By Dr. Joyce Crider-Anderson
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Most people, especially within religious communities, are afraid to talk about sexual intercourse. When sex is discussed, it is rarely talked about in a meaningful, deep way. Remember: God created sex. So why are we afraid to talk about this wonderful, pleasurable gift He has given us?

Limited talk about sex leads to misunderstanding, abuse, and misuse of this God-given gift. To get the conversation started, this book examines God’s original and ongoing purpose in giving mankind sexual intercourse at creation. The Intentional Transformative Power of Holy Sex facilitates discussion, reflection, and ongoing research on sex.

About the Author

Dr. Joyce Crider-Anderson is a family nurse practitioner and educator. In her work, she has provided health care for people in homeless shelters and has partnered with churches to increase access to health care in the community. To introduce minority students to Health Care and STEM careers, Dr. Crider-Anderson has also set up CHOSTEM clubs in churches (Church-based Health Occupations Science Technology Engineering Math). In her spare time, Dr. Crider-Anderson enjoys taking walks in nature and reading.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 146