The Ice Crystal

By Kameron Wright
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Rias is not your typical hero. She’s small, weak, unskilled at combat. Sure, she’s the daughter of a power-mad tyrant working to reshape the world in his image, but he left her behind as an infant. She doesn’t know him or his plans—doesn’t want to know them. Soon, though, Rias is going to find herself thrust into the heart of a conflict so huge it could spell the end of everything. It’s going to take a miracle for this young girl to come out on top.

The Ice Crystal saga sets the stage for conflict on a scale beyond imagination. Pitted against her father, Nefal, Rias must learn and grow quickly to become worthy of a legendary weapon and harness the power of a goddess. Her journey will be difficult. Be warned: Happy endings might be hard to come by in the bleak reality that Rias and her friends must face.

About the Author

Kameron Wright is a Master of Arms in the U.S. Navy. Originally from Laurel, Indiana, he is now a world traveler, his most remote posting being in Guam. He loves reading, writing, and gaming, and he dreams of creating worlds that the readers will love and yearn to visit.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 148