The Ice Child

By Andrea Heyser
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The Ice Child recounts the ascension and ultimate demise of The People Who Live With Wolves, a clan of Neander, and the early Humans whose lives they changed profoundly. Twenty-seven thousand years ago, the glacial ice caves of the Neander peoples spawned a new dawn for the future of civilization when the budding religion of the Neanders was adopted by a clan of Humans. The people of this age also trained the dangerous dire wolves to aid them in hunting and to provide protection, developments that contributed to the advancement of their society. Andrea Heysers intriguing world comprises the backdrop of the friendships and loves, the betrayals and intrigues of The Ice Child. About the Author

Andrea Heyser is a native and longtime resident of California, where she is active in a number of community organizations, including local creative writing, acting, and singing groups. Now retired, Ms. Heyser holds a bachelor of science degree from UCLA and studied professional graduate nursing, accounting, and computer science at Cal State LA. The Ice Child is her third book; she is also the author of The Devils Children and Before You Nest Them, Test Em.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 224