The I Do's & I Don'Ts Of A Successful Marriage: Three Essential Elements

By Rick L. Cox
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The I Do's and I Don'ts of a Successful Marriage

About the Book

The book is about marriage and relationships.

I realize there are many self-help books covering a variety of issues. My desire however, was to write a book about marital as well as other relationships, that is easy to read yet has enough substance to positively impact readers on a level that would motivate an inward desire to change for the better. This is a book that will open the eyes of readers to the fact they are as normal as anyone else. It is a book showing how a few changes or corrections in one's daily interaction with one's spouse could make for a better tomorrow. The reader will learn not to react, responding instead with the right motive and attitude. the reader will be able to see how, by doing the right things, one's life can change for the better, and so can the lives of all in the household.

I grew up hearing how difficult the marital relationship is due to the differences between men and women. I heard about how women are hard to figure out or that most men never know what it is their wives want. In my life, I have not found this to be true. what I have found is it takes a conscious effort on my part to observe and get to know my wife, her likes and dislikes, her wants, hopes, dreams, and desires. During this observation I learned she did not like all the things I did, and that was okay. I learned to accept the fact she might not want to do what I want to do, and it is okay if I don't want to do what she wants. I learned she is romantic and even has her own personal language. This is a language she and other women appear to understand, but it didn't readily make sense to me.

I believe you will find this book to be quite informative and to the point. It will make you think hard about how you interact with your spouse on a daily basis. It will also teach you something about the most important college you will ever attend: the college of life.

About the Author

Rick and Judy Cox have been married for nearly five decades. They have one married daughter. They are involved with Make A Wish, Shriner’s, and St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Rick serves on the board of a bank.

He enjoys boating and travel. He has a collection of older cars and collects signed guitars and rock and roll memorabilia. Rick was pastor of a church for six years, did marriage seminars for twelve years, and has had a radio show for six years. He still does some marriage counseling and enjoys public speaking.

In his spare time, Rick enjoys reading and public speaking. Most of his reading is about self-improvement; therefore, he reads motivational and self-help books as well as the Bible. This is his first published book.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 160