The Homebuyer's Guide To The Foreclosure Market

By M. Chris Thibodeau
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Buying a home can be both exciting and confusing. How do you find a dream house from all of the homes available in just one city? Newspaper ads? A real estate agent? Random driving? Maybe, but did you know that a foreclosed property is one of the least expensive avenues available to you? If not, then The Homebuyers Guide to the Foreclosure Market is for you. From submitting bids to the responsibilities of the buyer, M. Chris Thibodeau covers it all. In a user-friendly way, he mixes facts with the personal experiences he has had using each of the techniques outlined in the book, all to lead you to your goal: obtaining a home of your own.

About the Author

Chris Thibodeau is a public school teacher and a real estate investor. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Education degree. He has been teaching since 1977 and has been purchasing rental property since 1979. Chris purchased his first foreclosure home in 1984 from a local financial institution. Throughout the subsequent years, Chris has specialized in purchasing foreclosure properties and has personally used each and every technique in this book. As an educator, Chris feels prompted to share his foreclosure strategies and knowledge with others who are interested in purchasing a home.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 54