The Home You Left Behind

By Dorothy B. Murray
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About the Book

Fifty years ago, Jim MacLeary left his small village to find a new life in the UK. After the death of his parents, Jim needed a fresh start away from the quiet village life and bad memories.

His children have grown and his beloved wife passed; Jims thoughts reflected on the homeland he left behind. A sudden decision has him returning again to his quiet village in Cavers Island. During his journey he remembers both the beauty of growing up in his small village, the games he played with his siblings and friends, the village fairs and Christmas traditions. He also remembers the tragedies that forever changed him: the death of his young brother and the too early passing of his parents.

But village life has changed drastically since Jim left. His sleepy village no longer beams with life. As Jim traces his family roots, he learns why others have stayed and left and then returned again. Jim begins to see the beauty and the fragility of the life he had left behind. But can he ever really return home? Or does home only exist in his memories?

The Home You Left Behind is a gentle meditation on home and belonging.

About the Author

Dorothy B. Murray, author of The Home You Left Behind, has for many years, worked in Income Taxation. Since she was a child, she has loved reading and writing stories. The Home You Left Behind is her first novel.

Like her characters and many others, the author too has left her childhood home. She has returned for visits from time to time. Each time she returns, however, she sees how much has changed and knows that her true home is in her memory.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 192