The Holy Bible: A History Of Failure

By L. C. Graham
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Is God truly a loving and compassionate Being? Does He really make good decisions for humanity? In a thought-provoking series of essays, L. C. Graham takes the reader on a journey through the Bible while questioning and analyzing the stories and concepts familiar to Christians everywhere. He uses logic and reasoning to present the idea that God and religion should be focused on love and compassion. Providing a fresh perspective on many classic Bible stories, he presents his opinions and arguments in a clear, understandable manner, which invites the reader into an intellectual, yet also emotional, conversation about religion and human life here on earth.

About the Author

L. C. Graham is the pen name of the author who wrote this book in response to both a personal quest for the truth and to the public issues related to Christianity, especially a literal interpretation of the Bible, creationism, and the separation of church and state. He is also the author of God, Do You Exist? (The Questions of a Curious Agnostic), published in 2004. A retired engineer, he lives in West Virginia.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 104