The Historical Legends Of Natchez

By Harold C. Burkett
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Explore the rich world of the Natchez tribes, their culture, their practices, and their history with colonials in this academic history of Natchez, Mississippi. Learn all about the many stories and legends, some fact and some fiction, of one of the most unique historical cities in the US. You'll hear all about the historically accurate accounts of famous legends and tales like the true origins of the Bowie knife and the first murder case in the US.

About the Author

Harold C. Burkett was a historian from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History for twenty-six years where he researched and taught all about Natchez and the rich history of this city. With his in-depth knowledge of Natchez history, he has published articles in magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals. He has also had the opportunity to present lectures on the rich history of Natchez at several historic conferences.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 130