The Haters Of Reality

By Eric Beck
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About the Book

With an almost ontological preoccupation with religion (among other things), one that deals with why we need a God in a world where we still need jobs but, at the same time, vacillating between the pious acceptance of this life and one where nothing is taken seriously, the stories in The Haters of Reality are meant to be humorous. They are meant to ultimately relate the fact that we can love Christ and even reality (despite the title, or perhaps because of it) and still be metaphysically promiscuous. The author hopes readers will enjoy the ride, and perhaps get some relief from their workaday life.

About the Author

Eric Beck is a big film buff and a lover of novels of all kinds. He likes to produce short narrative videos. Churchgoing is important to him, and baseball watching is something he does an awful lot of. Beck enjoys going to Target Field in Minneapolis to see the Twins. He has three siblings.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 162

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Charles beck
Many short stories

Humorous but with underlying important life questions explored