The Hardest Things You Have To Learn In Order To Succeed

By Jerry Treece
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How do you define success? A great job, lots of money, a nice house with a sleek-looking black car in the garage? Yes, those are all parts of success, says Jerry Treece, author of this book, executive with Walgreens for over thirty years and retired president and CEO of Super D Drugstores and Third Party Solutions. But more important is the development of your character. Treece says, I want you to be successful, but I want you to get there by being a good, caring person with high integrity. Read this book, take his words to heart, and you will find out how to have true wealth by learning what really matters. My father [Kemmons Wilson] would be very pleased that many principles that guided him have also resonated with Jerry over the course of his career. Spence Wilson

About the Author

Jerry Treece is a success and he knows the hardest things you have to learn in order to succeed. Born in rural Tennessee to a farming family, he put himself through college and pharmacy school, worked his way up from pharmacist to executive with Walgreens, and retired after thirty years to become CEO and president of two other companies Super D Drugstores and Third Party Solutions. His family includes his wife, Barbara; three children; and several grandchildren. They divide their time between Tennessee and Florida, now that he is officially retired, he stays active in charities, their church, playing golf, traveling, and writing.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 128