The Guardians: Escape Across Tirgonia: A Novel

By F. Thomas Jones
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The three primary Guardian outposts along the Agreed Zone, which separated the Guardian Republic from the Tirgonia Independent Empire, are suddenly and savagely attacked. The years of peace enjoyed by the Guardians ends with what the Tirgonians believe to be the complete annihilation of the foremost nemesis of the Empire.

Initially, the only Guardians known to have survived are on long-range patrol duty, known as Probe. As the five ships of Probe Red return, a Lieutenant Commander Gandle Hoppinzorinski received a distress call from survivors. Now Hops, as Hoppinzorinski prefers to be called, along with the commanders of Probe Orange and Probe Gold from the two other devastated outposts, are the only hope for survival for the remnants of this once proud and peaceful civilization.

About the Author

F. Thomas Jones enlisted in the US Army in 1967. After completing basic and advanced training he spent the next 3-1/2 years working in a variety of MOS’s in South-East Asia between the 1st Sig. Bde and the 1st Cav Div where he was awarded the Bronze Star, before spending 1 year in Hawaii. Returning to state-side in 1972 he was permanently assigned as an Armored Reconnaissance Specialist. While serving at several different posts he graduated from various training courses which included the long range patrol course (Hawaii), the long and medium range anti-tank missile instructor course. After a tour in Germany, he again returned to state-side duty where he was assigned as the Platoon Sergeant with the 9th Cavalry Regiment, 24th Inf. Div. at Ft. Stewart, GA. After graduating from Drill Sergeant School, he spent his remaining 4 years at Ft. Knox, KY, first as a drill sergeant then as the Senior Instructor for the Scout Commanders Certification Course. He retired as a Sergeant First Class in 1987.

Jones now resides in Indiana, where he has been a substitute teacher for many years. He is a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles and Moose, the American Legion to include Sons and Legion Riders, and a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Affairs.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 452