The Guardians

By John Snyder
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John Guardino is nearly seventy, and he’s losing his fire. So, when he runs into an old friend who offers him energy-boosting vitamins, he accepts. The next day, John’s appearance has changed. Shortly thereafter, his whole life changes, too.

By taking these pills, John has unwittingly joined an ancient battle between the unseen forces of good and evil—one side fighting to bring about the end of times and the other side trying to prevent that destruction. Each side is represented by mortal men, warriors who serve a higher power. Now, as a warrior himself, John will learn life’s precious secrets, answering perpetual questions about life after death and the future of mankind in this intriguing story of religion, espionage, and romance.

About the Author

John Snyder supports school sports, likes to garden, and loves to fish. With his large extended family, it seems like there is always something going on to keep him busy.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 366