The Ground Ain't Leveled Noway: A Play In Two Acts

By Donyail Linsey
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The Ground Ain't Leveled Noway:A Play In Two Acts

The Ground Ain’t Leveled Noway is a full-length play set in a neighborhood named Third Ward, a legendary community in Houston, Texas. At first glance, Third Ward appears to be a marginalized area concentrated with Black Americans and small mom-and-pop shops and diners. But upon closer examination, it translates to much more than that. It becomes a fine example of how a community is critical to shaping the lives and culture of any people. Through the eyes of the playwright, Donyail Linsey, we are introduced to a host of colorful characters who take us on a journey of self-discovery. Led by Clancy, we meet his family and friends, all of whom frequent a short-order restaurant affectionately named The Mudflat. In this restaurant, we are served up a large helping of more than just good food. Here, we learn why family and friends are so important to our lives and our development. When an illness strikes Clancy's older brother Sid, it both threatens to destroy as well as provides an opportunity for true unification. The language of the play is as colorful as its characters, providing a glimpse at the dialectical discourse of a rapidly vanishing way of communication between old friends.

About the Author

Donyail Linsey is a playwright from Houston, Texas. He has penned plays such as Black Crows and Spirits of The Mississippi River. At Texas Southern University, he serves as Professor of Technical Theatre, Director, and Scenic Designer. Professor Linsey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a Master of Arts, also in Theatre.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 168