The Green Book, Vol. 1: The Intertwined Musical And Historical Journey By People Of Color In America.

By Raymond McNeil
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THE GREEN BOOK, VOL. 1: The Intertwined Musical and Historical Journey by People of Color in America provides a comprehensive exploration of the music that occurred alongside some of American history’s biggest events. This impressive and extensive guide spans from 1380 until 1959. This book's purpose is to share, illuminate, and stick to the positive achievements of the people who’ve helped to spread the message of music. That will include all the musicians, singers, and lyricists who helped the fans to appreciate the various styles of music that we have today.

About the Author

Raymond was a native of New York City and a product of schools in Brooklyn. He worked in all three levels of government. He has spent the past fifty five years gathering and exploring America’s musical journey. His primary motivation for writing this book was to seek out and amass a stream of verifiable truths. He is a fan of most styles of music, though he does struggle to find a love for hard rock and bluegrass at times. McNeil’s ultimate goal is to share his love of music and history and the ways in which they intertwine together throughout the years.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 348