The Greatest Being

By Hally Reynolds Pugh
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Who is The Greatest Being? Do you want to get to know Him? Hally Reynolds Pugh introduces her readers to the creator and God of heaven and earth in The Greatest Being. Through clear and simple explanation, she describes the goodness of God, the great sacrifice made by Jesus Christ to save us from our sins, and how we can now obey Gods will to gain an eternal reward everlasting life. Whether you are familiar with the ideas of Christianity or questioning the nature of the universe, Hally Reynolds Pugh lays a solid foundation through her book The Greatest Being, which she believes adheres to the Holy Bibles teaching and Christian faith.

About the Author

Hally Reynolds Pugh is a homemaker who lives in Tulare, California. Her husband, William Travis Pugh, passed away in January of 2000; they had three children: Danny, Debbie, and Sandra. She is actively involved as a volunteer in her community, tutoring at the library and singing at convalescent hospitals and churches. Hally is also involved in a book discussion group at the library. Her other hobbies include enjoying art, song writing, gardening, and playing piano and guitar. While she has written two others, The Greatest Being is her first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 32