The Great Turn Around: The Life And Times Of Andrew, Son Of The Apostle Peter

By Uncle Bill Lucas
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Andrew is a normal kid living in a normal home with a normal father and normal mother, but all that is about to change when he has an encounter with someone who not only changes his life, but the entire world as he knows it.

Many books have been written about the ministry of Jesus as seen through the eyes of adults but how many have been written about Jesus as seen through the eyes of a child?

Join Andrew in this first of many adventures as he sees firsthand the life of a man who has literally turned the world upside down.

About the Author

Uncle Bill Lucas lives with his wife and four of his children in Southern Texas. They just returned to the U.S. Mainland after serving 36 years in Guam as working missionaries, the majority of which Bill spent working with children in both Sunday School and Children’s Church.

Currently, Bill teaches Sunday School and a middle school midweek activities class in his local church. 

Published: 2023
Page Count: 46