The Great Return: A Plea For Christian Unity

By Carol Ann Larsen
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The Great Return: A Plea for Christian Unity is thought-provoking study of the Catholic Church and how Christians unified under one denomination can strengthen modern society.

Carol Ann Larsen explores the history of Catholicism and how standards implemented hundreds of years ago have negatively impacted the church and society at large. The issues of divorce, birth control, sexual abuse, abortion, and female clergy are scrutinized using a modern-day lens.

She examines how the Reformation of the 1500s has led to a diluted version of Christianity that does not meet the needs of their constituents. Carol also takes on the modern phenomena of the mega-church, and how their vague, yet materialistic message of Christianity negatively impacts their congregations. Carol presents a path for how all denominations united under the Catholic Church can move forward.

About the Author

Carol Ann Larsen is an author and retired registered nurse from St. Cloud, Minnesota. Married for sixty-two years, Carol is a mother of four, a grandmother of ten, and a great-grandmother of one. As a lifelong Catholic, Carol is interested in politics and the need for intelligent, moral, and capable leadership in the United States. In her free time, Carol enjoys playing golf, bridge, and computer activities.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 136