The Great Christmas Bell Tsunami

By Robert Owen
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Much is written about Santa and Christmas, but the events and activities at the North Pole during the other 364 days are a mystery. The Great Christmas Bell Tsunami tells the story of one of these events.

When the Master Christmas Bell Maker at the North Pole Workshop invents a machine to make all the bells needed for Christmas, it all goes terribly wrong—not once, but twice! Great teamwork and problem solving will help clean up the mess and make Christmas happen. This cheery and bright tale will be perfect read aloud with your family.

About the Author

Robert Owen and his wife are circus clowns. They met working on a circus. He is from New Hampshire, and she is from Wisconsin. After a decade on the road, they ran away from the circus and joined an amusement park in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They have two sons.

In his senior years, Owen works as a magician and Santa impersonator which has led to imagining the events in the North Pole. This is his first book.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 36