The Great Adventures Of Mr. Tuxedo

By Casey James O’Connor
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Tuxedo was the King of cats. A great tactician and an impeccable judge of character, he was adored and respected by many, but none more than me.

Tuxedo was the angel sent to preserve and give direction to a life spiraling out of control, and I am honored and eternally grateful for our time together. This book recounts the incredible relationship we shared. Its relevance will touch your heart and inspire your imagination.

About the Author

Casey James O’Connor has always been an athlete. He used to wrestle, and he played football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, and racketball, among other sports. These days, he rides bikes, swims, and trains with weights. Casey has two daughters and four grandchildren. He loves spending time with them, caring for the babies on weekends, attending their events, and helping his twin granddaughters with their sixty chickens. One of six siblings, Casey also enjoys close relationships with all his brothers and sisters. 

Casey was a gandy dancer in 1973 when he was hired and aspired to Chief Rail Traffic Controller for Metro North Commuter Railroad in 1983. He loaded the biggest cargo ships in the world for six years in Port Everglades, Florida. Casey now spends time in Medellin, Colombia and continues to enjoy writing in his retirement. It's been an incredible life and ever evolving.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 68