The Good Witch Of Winchester

By Rev. Grace Arabella Lee
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Until she turned twenty-five, Rosalind Winchester didn’t know she was a witch. A young beauty from Salem, Massachusetts, Rosalind was born into sacred Christianity, and she lived humbly in service of God and others. With her selflessness stretching her thin, Rosalind wished to be everywhere for everyone all at once. This wish sparks her epic and unforgettable journey across history, from the Golden Age of Hollywood to the Royal Houses of Europe. Rosalind’s life becomes entwined with the lives of many others, including Christopher Plummer, Christopher Reeve, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. As Rosalind embarks on her timeless romantic journey, rumors and myths meld with real-life occurrences, creating a love saga for the ages.

About the Author

Rev. Grace Arabella Lee is a Minister and a SAG actress. Prior to that, Lee worked as a teacher, an American Radio Network host and talk anchor, and an International Goodwill Ambassador of Communications and Public Relations for Royal Houses around the globe. Through her good name and reputation, Lee knows most of Hollywood, most Royals including the Windsors, and most of America’s politicians including the last few Presidents. Lee respects integrity and accountability, and she has always prioritized human relations and friendships above her personal ambitions. Even outside of the arts and entertainment, Lee finds herself gravitating toward people and serving them in hopes of making this world a better place.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32