The Golden Quest For Eternal Life: Without God There Is No Eternal Life

By John V. Kardel
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Have you ever wondered about life, religion, God, humanity, and science, and how they might be connected? Have you ever questioned human origins or the existence of a higher being? The Golden Quest for Eternal Life: Without God There Is No Eternal Life just might challenge the way you think about these profound topics.

Originally conceived as a way to elucidate the author’s beliefs for his son, The Golden Quest for Eternal Life is so much more. In this slender and highly readable volume, John V. Kardel endeavors to debunk religious cults, question popular scientific theories, and provide a foundation for meaningful contemplation of who we are, where we come from, and most importantly, why we’re here.

“A cursory review of my book may lead one to think of it as anti-religious, but it is not,” says Kardel. Essentially, it is a thoughtful and mature meditation on life, God, and religion that he hopes “will help others avoid religious bickering, bitterness, and zealots; and instill a desire to accomplish something for their God(s).” So, take the plunge, and ponder.

About the Author

John V. Kardel is a retired instrumentation technician and safety official who presided over the safety of the General Motors Vehicle Emission Laboratory facility and its three hundred engineering staff personnel. A dedicated professional, he has worked with all levels of personnel, from janitors to chemists to engineers. In addition to his professional history, Kardel has volunteered for the A.R.C. (Association for Retarded Citizens), the Red Cross, and the United Foundation. Having been a professional skating instructor for ten years, he continues to skate in his leisure time. Since retiring, he enjoys creating a woodland nature walk. Kardel is married with two grown children.

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Published: 2019
Page Count: 104