The Ghost Of Fukuda Aijiro

By Jonathan Faulkner
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The modern day setting is Kenai Landing, a 100-year-old cannery at the mouth of Alaska’s famous Kenai River. In this former Kenaitze fish camp, ancient spirits dwell and Fukuda Aijiro, fifty years buried, is running out of time.

Juxtaposing this timeframe is the WWII-era evacuation of Alaska’s Aleut population from their ancestral homeland. Transferred to squalid camps and abandoned mines in southeast Alaska, Aleuts suffered irreparable harm to their people, a “forgotten war” that is traced here through the family of Needra Kudrin.

Keeno Kudrin, captured and imprisoned by the Japanese, is among those tragically displaced. As he struggles to recover his prewar existence, Keeno must confront the forces of good and evil and the ghost of Fukuda Aijiro.

Forced to resign the prior year, following his admission that the ghost of Fannie Guthry-Baehm helped him indict Bill Brady for murder; Chief Callahan is called back into duty. As fact-based collection of evidence collides with his newfound faith, Chief Callahan is asked to investigate a suspicious death, which means unraveling the mysteries of the past.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 258