The Genesis Plan: The Atlan Chronicles I

By Ken Jackson
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About the Book

After a winter away from her Early Bronze Age community, Ishka the Healer returns with an infant son and a secret that no other living person knows. The boy was not given to her by the spirits of the forest, as she defiantly claims, but was fathered by a now-deceased cloud traveler, one of a mysterious people from another world whom her people fear but have never seen. Her plans to groom this special child for the leadership of his people are put in jeopardy not only by her relentless enemy, Vindior, but by the unexpected appearance of a visitor to her village, a woman named Hiri-Eta, whom only Ishka recognizes as being a cloud traveler in disguise. Ishka worries that the woman will discover her son’s true identity and take him away to be with his father’s people, but Hiri-Eta has a far different agenda, one that will cause even the ever-impulsive Ishka to have second thoughts.

The Genesis Plan is the first book of The atLan Chronicles.

About the Author

Ken Jackson lives with his wife Maureen in Brantford, Ontario. He has four university degrees, encompassing English, theology, and history, the latter of which includes a master’s degree in the subject. He also holds a university certification in creative writing.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 268