The Funeral Procession

By Andrew Swarm
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Matt Hammer’s existence has been lonely; it can be when working with cadavers and grieving family at the Richard Mason Funeral Home. But on a deserted highway, fate brings him Grace Branch, a waitress at the only diner in town. As his relationship with Grace grows, this tough guy begins to learn about the beauty of friendship, love, and the heartbreak of loss. As Matt begins to struggle with his own emotions, he will learn to put his wants aside and become a true friend.

About the Author

Andrew Charles Swarm lives in Athens, Texas, where he was born and raised. He finds writing to be the best way to escape stress and the realities of life. In his spare time, Swarm enjoys writing, reading, and listening to classic rock on vinyl. He has dabbled in the past in backmasking music. His favorite authors are H.P. Lovecraft, Aleister Crowley, and Stephen King.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32