The Forest Of Ry

By Dr A.R. Young, RN,ND,HPS
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About the Book

Join the adventures of Ry, the perceptive little fairy, as she strengthens her magikal forest by inviting other creatures to join her loving family community in Dr. A.R. Youngs The Forest of Ry. As a glower fairy, Ry uses her keen powers of telepathic communication to speak with all animals, insects, and plant life to create harmony and respect in nature. Her forest is a haven for any and all who believe. One day Rys sharpened senses draw her to an abandoned dragon in the forest. As Ry gets acquainted with this creature, she realizes the potential for all magikal creatures to be united in friendship and to live in a community of recognition, love, and protection. In an attempt to reunited this first dragon with her mate, Ry travels to a past time of disbelief and gets more than she bargains for when Merlin and his cat decide to return with her too! Mesmerized by the powers of the forest and the creatures dwelling therein, Merlin makes his home and shares his knowledge of the secrets of Mother Earth. In the process of teaching these newcomers about her forest, Ry attracts more dragons and even unicorns to her peaceful home. As each creature shares his or her abilities, they uncover the magik of life within their family of believers. Comic, whimsical, and inspiring, Youngs The Forest of Ry illustrates the true potential life offers if you believe.

About the Author

A native of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and a descendent of Ojibwe Indians, Dr. A.R. Young, RN, ND, HPS was taught to respect nature and its creatures. Young obtained a nursing degree in Canada and a naturopathic doctorate in the states. Currently a resident of Lincolnton, North Carolina, Dr. Young has spent countless years as a dedicated medical professional nurturing patients back to health. Her Shamanistic Wiccan belief system and her respect for the magic of creation and all beings of nature led her to pen this whimsical tale as a gift to her newborn grandson.

Published: 2001
Page Count: 60