The Fog

By Stephen Riggs
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About the Book

In New Haven, Pennsylvania, a renowned fog city, a small family moves in after a strange incident drove them away from their home. As the fog rolls in, strange occurrences begin. Their daughter Alice becomes more enthralled with the fog, hearing it call to her, beckoning her outside. As the threat of the fog grows, Mary and Frank find their pasts have chased them and now linger in the fog, calling for them too to step in and face what haunts them.

The Fog is a timeless tale of human nature and the mental barriers we place after traumatic events, our inner demons, and navigating the path ahead.

About the Author

Stephen Riggs is a pen name used by the author Olivia Silvia, she is just 19 years old and is coming out with her first work ever published,The Fog. The short story was inspired by the dark personal traps man creates for himself if he’s not careful, and the voices that sometimes creep through the veil when we’re not looking. Needing to shine a gloomy light on the subject, Stephen took it into their own hands to figure out the real meaning of human desire and why it makes certain thoughts go “bump” in the night.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 40