The "Fishing" Rod, Purple Caddis With Antlers, The Cattle Stampede, And Other Tall (But True) Fly Fishing Tales

By Stephen Ahern
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Some people are born to fish. And again, some people are born to tell fish stories. Stephen Ahern combines both passions as he relates some mighty tall tales of his time on, and in, the water. His outdoor adventures have taken him to such great and challenging interior waterways as High Prairie Reservoir in northern California, Silver Creek in Idaho, and, one of his favorite spots of all, the Yellowstone River in Americas first national park.

Leaving the exaggerations behind, the author shares his stories of fly-fishing success and failure with equal fervor. They are real whoppers, to be sure, but no more so for the ones that got away than the ones he reeled in. Focusing on the science and the art of fly-fishing, his collection of anecdotes is gathered from many memorable and often humorous outings.

Did he return home each time in triumph? Surely not. But as he continually reminds himself and the reader, fishing does not always result in catching. That understanding, and that appreciation for the sport, indeed enhances the experience. Each fish encounter, every moment spent with rod and reel in hand, is a joy unto itself.

So pack up your gear, find a favorite spot, and take in the beauty and mysteries of nature. You might land a fish or two. You might even finish the day with a story to tell.

About the Author

Stephen Ahern has spent much of his life in pursuit of trout. A fish biologist, he is self-employed living in Vancouver, Washington. Besides fishing, his love of the outdoors includes camping and gardening.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 110