The First African-American Forefather Of The United States Of America: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.: Walk In The Light

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By: Louella Hinton Tate and Prime Bishop Joseph Martin Davis

Walk in the Light is a tribute to our former first African-American President of the United States of America and is dedicated mostly to young men whose fathers were not around to help their mothers, who struggle every day to make ends meet. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is a great role model for all young men regardless of creed or color. Our young men today need to know that if Obama could become President of the United States of America, they too can study hard, get a good education, and never give up staying with God.

About the Author

Louella Hinton Tate loves to cook, especially for homeless people. She loves to be at church every day of the week, with a lot to thank God for. She owes him all of her time, for he is working together with her in the center. She is totally happy to give back to him by showing his love for all he continues to do for all of us. 

Louella also was salutatorian of her class when she graduated from high school and received a scholarship to go Albany State University in Albany, Georgia, where she worked and learned how to cook in the cafeteria from the chef.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 192