The Final Bell

By Walter Flagg
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Matt Sacchetti is the soft-spoken director of a funeral home in a small town. His friends are unaware of his past and oblivious to the waking nightmares he lives with. Matt was a boxer at college. It paid his tuition. But when he chose his boxing career over Mary, she left him. Tormented by regret, he hasn’t boxed since. Now, the college wants him to box again. It’s a charity event, but he knows the fight will be more violent than people expect. Neither side wants to lose. Mary, now married to someone else, will be there cheering him on, but his opponent is young, quick, and skilled. And Matt doesn’t know what will come next.

About the Author

Walter Flagg has been a funeral director for over 25 years, working in all aspects of the funeral industry. He is also a longtime fan of the sport of boxing, and has incorporated his experiences of both life and death to write this book. In the brief times when he is not working, Flagg enjoys spending time with his children, reading (Stephen King mostly), fishing, and working out.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 190