The Fiery Furnace: Has Teheran Changed Much In 100 Years?

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Margaret Wood Little

The Fiery Furnace introduces us to eighteen-year-old Louisa Jordan Merriwether, who is traveling from Detroit to Tehran, Persia, in 1887. She is journeying across the world to become a teacher with a Presbyterian mission. When she arrives, she meets the man in charge of the missiona bachelor named William Vandeever. Louisa and William eventually fall in love, marry, and have three children. But after six years in Tehran, Louisa decides to return to the United States with her two living children, leaving William behind in Persia.

The two go on to lead separate lives as Louisa becomes a social activist and works for the YWCA while William continues his missionary work in Persia. And while they continue to stay married, they find many obstacles they must face apartincluding both of them being drawn to other people. Will they ever be reunited?

About the Author

My mother was born in Tehran to American missionaries and lived there until she was twelve, the author says. From stories she told me and my siblings and from letters I acquired that were written by my grandfather, as well as library research, I put this story together.

Margaret Wood Little received her bachelor of arts degree in literature from Wheaton College and her certificate in occupational therapy from the University of Southern California (USC). She is married to James, and together they have three sons: Matthew, J. Martin, and Luke. Margaret is also the author of Strawberry Stars (2001).

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 278