The Fi$Cal Agent

By John M. Whiddon
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After spending fourteen agonizing months recuperating in a rehabilitation facility in Switzerland due to a foiled assassination attempt, Webb Espy, renowned systems expert, former university professor, public servant, best-selling author, and multimillionaire returns home to the Florida Panhandle to restart his life. Invigorated and once again challenged with renewed purpose and focus due to therapeutic insights and refreshed romantic interests, Espy returns home and is faced with updated information linked to the attempt on his life and unanticipated consequences that force his participation towards closure. To this end, Espy, initially a reluctant participant in a world of international conspiracy and intrigue discovers an unknown heinous and evil adversary. In a role reversal, Espy is no longer hunted and is enticed to become the hunter. Once more teamed with several members of his cadre of the talented support cast, former adversaries, as well as an unintentional new cerebral weapon, the predator role takes him into the bowels of the invisible government, and forces choices, compromises, and conciliations that will challenge his moral core. THE FI$CAL AGENT is the second part sequel to THE SUNSHINE Shenanigan, which will ultimately be a trilogy. The final part is a work in progress and has yet to be titled.

About the Author

John M. Whiddon is a native Floridian, born in the small panhandle town of Chattahoochee, Florida. An avid reader and writer with a background in the healthcare industry, Whiddon ran Florida’s Medicaid Program Integrity Office for more than a decade and upon retirement opened a private healthcare regulatory consulting business in 1995. Whiddon received his bachelor's degree from McMurry College, his master's from Florida State University, where he also taught for five years, and his post-graduate work in Public Administration from Nova University. He is a veteran and served in the United States Air Force from 1996 through 1970. He is involved in numerous civic and conservation organizations. He has been married for fifty-five years and has two children and one four-year-old granddaughter. Whiddon enjoys calling turkeys, wing shooting, mentoring children from single-parent families, and writing children’s short stories. He currently is a partner in MGW Outfitters, a prestigious wing shooting operation in Argentina and Uruguay.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32