The Farm (2022)

By Troy E. McCormick
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About the Book

The Farm

The Farm introduces us to four convicts who have escaped prison in the early to mid-sixties. They are headed to the Canadian border when they come across a lone dirt road leading to a farmhouse. Their journey is a treacherous one ahead. Will they escape or will something else come between them and their road to freedom?

The Farm is a great, fun, interesting piece of literature that has a suspense element along with the inmates deserving what’s coming to them.

About the Author

At the present Troy E. McCormick is working full time, which makes free time scarce, but he hopes to be involved in something in the future. His hobbies include writing short stories that he is interested in; making videos for his two YouTube channels; reading other novels; traveling to places he has never visited; hiking at local, state, and national parks; and making videos and figuring out how to edit them.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 78