The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life Of Prince: Everybody's Good At Something

By Prince A. Sanders
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About the Book

The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince: Everybody’s Good at Something, The sequel to Which Forks First, is based on actual events from Prince A Sanders’ life. This story embodies two major themes that are commonly faced in today’s society; The journey to discovering one’s personal talent or skill while having the courage to do what they love, even when being bullied. Everybody’s Good at Something shows the unwavering love of a Mother who guides and encourages her son with a little help from his furry pet hamster, Popcorn. Overall this book empowers young children to have confidence when they don’t quite fit in. Today’s youth must be encouraged, supported, and loved for themselves as they discover their purpose. Prince A Sanders is passionate about the social development of children and empowering them, through story, to handle some of life’s more difficult lessons. The perfect book for parents, grandparents, teachers and any adult that cares about the challenges of today’s youth. Everybody’s Good at Something is written for children of all ages.

About the Author

Prince A Sanders is a former classical ballet dancer and current hospitality professional. A native New Yorker, Prince A Sanders lives in Westchester County, New York with his family.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 58