The Expressed Image: A Revelation To Change Your Situation

By Clint L. Hampton Jr
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About the Book

Clint L. Hampton Jr. shares his desire to communicate God’s goodness and presence in everyday experiences. He shows how important it is for us to maintain a healthy image as we move forward in life. Although there are many different concerns, such as race and personal relationships to poor self-image, we all can benefit from an image of God realized in our lives. 

About the Author

Clint L. Hampton Jr. strives to live a life of purpose and to motivate others. He is a father to two children who inspire him greatly. Clint had a successful career on the football field both in high school and college, also was a member of the 1978 National Championship team at the University of Southern California where he also earned his B.S. in Public Affairs. The goal of this book is to create a thirst that will propel you forward, as we drink in the words of life thereby expressing His image in the world.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 92

Customer Reviews

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Johnny Netters
"Encouragement at its best "

I must say that this book is so awesome. I love the way Clint uses his personal stories to set up his biblical views coming from the word of God. It's like he's preparing his meat before he smokes it . His stories are like the marinating sauce that's in the meat, bringing the flavor into its full flavor. I recommend that you read this book. Especially if you're seeking for deeper Revelation of God's expressed image and likeness.