The Evolution Of The Notion "Internal Forum" And Its Ramifications In The Organization Of The Church

By Fr. Joseph Bellerive, JCD
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At a moment when our world is going through a philosophical crisis and appears to be disoriented by leftist positions and interpretations from leaders, medias, and other institutions that are contributing to the misery of our person, with an agenda to change the natural law of life, this book is a call for a humble heart, a solid state of the mind, and a well and informed conscience. This book is a reminder to every human being of good will to reach his internal forum where God communicates with him and learns to be realistic about life in general and his own life. This book is calling us to become a builder in learning from the true God, the one who is not taking away our freedom to do good and not a destructor of the society with ideologies that oblige us to treat the other as the enemy that needs to be eliminated from our eyes. No one has this power because we are all mortal subject to a last day.

While this style of governance, belief and being a person may appear to be popular and cool but its interpretation of life is causing a lot of anxiety, turmoil and unrest inside the human person who is called to develop an intimate relationship with God, His Creator. Ultimately, He is the only one on Earth who will satisfy our longings and desires; He is the only one who will never deceive or betray us.

About the Author

Fr. Joseph Bellerive, JCD is both a priest of the Catholic Church and a musician. He received his theological formation at the “Grand Séminaire de Montréal” and at Saint Paul University, Canada. He also obtained his Canon Law degrees at the “Palais Universitaire de Strasbourg” in Strasbourg, France, at the Law Faculty of Jean Monet of Paris XI and at the “Institut Catholique de Paris” in Paris, France. Having studied violin with Sr Maryse Moisan at a young age, he has performed with symphony orchestras in Canada, France, Germany, Italy and United States. Today, he performs and plays solo works when he is not singing opera. He has also received his vocal training with Gisèle Dechorgnat at the “Conservatoire International de Paris” and also with Xavier Le Maréchal. Currently, Fr. Bellerive continues to perform opera works both in Europe and in United States.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 524