The Evolution Of Man Revisited

By Dr. Michael Lesser
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Man Becomes Machine

The Evolution of Man Revisited: Man Becomes Machine is a scientific/philosophical treatise on evolution, but with a difference: Dr Michael F Lesser is more concerned with the prospects of evolution than the past of evolution. In cogently argued prose, he shows how man has evolved as a thinking organism and posits some ideas about how this process may continue in the future, with the advantage of looking back to his original book (out of print, Vantage Press, Copyright 1991. Library of Congress, Catalog 90-91364). Wondering how modern medicine has altered gene pools, allowing individuals that in the past would have perished in the process of natural selection to survive and reproduce, he sees new problems ahead of man. However, with faith in man’s adaptive abilities, he also sees great possibilities, as will his readers.

About the Author

A native of Philadelphia, Dr Michael F Lesser, a physician/cardiologist, has worked extensively to incorporate the best of modern computer technology in the world of medicine. He has over thirty years of experience in computer programming and expert system development and is the inventor of Graphical Interface for Intensive Care, a computerized system and graphical language for the display of medical information (US Patent 5,321,800).

 The author lives in Florida with his second wife and has four children, a step-child, and a grandson.

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