The Empty Cup Runneth Over: Answers About Breast Cancer From The Experts

By Cindy Papale-Hammontree, Co-Author Sabrina Hernandez, RD, LD/N, CDE
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"A hopeful, informative, and deeply emotional walk through the world of breast cancer." - Lynn Redgrave, Actor and Breast Cancer Survivor

"I salute Cindy Papale for transforming the v word from victim to vixen and for using her creativity and transforming the life-threatening into something very life-affirming." - Marisa Arocella Marchetto, Author of Cancer Vixen

"When I was asked to read this book, The Empty Cup Runneth Over, I wondered, why me? I'm a believer that everything in life happens for a reason. As a woman, daughter, wife, and most importantly, as a mother, I needed to know this information, especially at this time in my life. This book is one all women have to read. As a mother, I felt so much compassion for all young women who took part in this book by giving their personal testimonials in fighting breast cancer. My heart goes out to them. May they continue with the same courage they fought this disease with and may they live their lives to the fullest. I myself have learned from them. To Cindy and Sabrina, may God bless you both for writing this book. We needed a book that was simple to read and understand about this horrible disease that is taking so many of our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, wives, and friends from this world! A must-read! Thank you!" - Mari Secada, President of Secada Productions, Inc., and Wife to Singer/Songwriter Jon Secada

"This book is a wonderful read. It is not just a story of Cindy and how she dealt with her cancer or a book about prevention and treatments, but more than that a wonderful ride on the Papale philosophy of life. Read the book and follow its recommendations, and we will all live better."Dr. Pedro J. Greer, Jr., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.G., Author of Waking Up In America

"In my days during and after football, I found out the hard way that no one is truly invincible. When I heard from my doctor that I had cancer, I felt as if I had just received the biggest blow I ever received on or off the field. As Cindy so passionately recalls in her book, I ran through the whole gamut of emotions as well! The Empty Cup Runneth Over is a great read and a must-readsurvivor or not. Told from the heart, with humor and sincerity, Cindy takes you on an unforgettable journey from prevention to survival. Added to her personal account is tremendous advice from experts in the field. Cindys dream, like ours, is to find the cure. Too many of us have paid the ultimate price to make this dream come true. Don't miss out on reading The Empty Cup Runneth Over." Vince Papale, Former Philadelphia Eagle and Author of the Book Invincible and the Movie

"When you meet Cindy Papale, you would never know she's a breast cancer survivor. She's positive, joyful, and incredibly generous in giving her time and energy to something she cares very much about informing young women about the real risks of breast cancer. In The Empty Cup Runneth Over, Cindy has brought together some of the leading experts in the medical field to offer the latest information about breast cancer what to watch for, how to determine when an exam is necessary, and what to do when, in the worst-case scenario, you hear the words It's malignant. Going beyond just technical information, Cindy has brought together a number of young women to share their personal stories women in their twenties, women who would never expect to receive a cancer diagnosis, but in astonishing numbers are increasingly facing this devastating disease. We can all learn from their courage, their ability to overcome fear, and the tough decisions they've had to make between physical appearance or family and life. We also learn cancer has no boundaries and no age limits any one of us could face the same diagnosis. The Empty Cup Runneth Over is an invaluable guide for all women and a source of inspiration to anyone who has had to deal with the challenges life brings. It is Cindy's gift to us and one we should treasure." - Ellen Jaffe, Afternoon Host/Assistant Program Director, 101.5 LITE FM Radio, Miami, Florida

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Published: 2008
Page Count: 160