The Effects Of Climate And Geology On Hominins In The Pleistocene

By Christine West
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The history of man is complicated and intriguing. The Earth is in constant motion, not only through space but also at Earth’s surface with shifting plate tectonics. Asteroids hit us, ice ages come and go, and volcanoes erupt across our world daily. This constant bombardment of lava, melting and freezing, as well as the minerals and elements that are released, affect all life on Earth.

Climate, migration, and geology have undeniably changed hominin genetics over time. This book explores how these factors have affected hominins throughout the Pleistocene and into our world today.

About the Author

With a family who moved yearly, Christine West grew up all around America. She lived in thirty-seven different houses before buying her current property in Western Montana, where she has lived for forty years. There, West has horses and dogs, a great partner, and wildlife—all of which enhance her life.

West has been taking classes and getting degrees since 1970. She has a degree in instrumental music and vocal music, as well as a degree in biology and a master’s in science education. Her list of minors is long. West loves school, both taking classes and teaching. She taught music and science for twenty-seven years in Montana and loved every minute of it.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 284