The Driving Force: Inspirations From The Holy Spirit

By Dallas M. Pegram
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The Driving Force, the author says, is her desire to create an awareness for all people, including herself, of the consequences we face when we continue to be of the world. Although we have to live in the world, if we strive to be what God wants us to be, we receive Inspirations from the Holy Spirit that guide us and let us know we dont have to be of the world. When we make that change, we are like brand new (born again). Once forgiven by God, we get a new start and all that is past is forgotten. Grace has brought us through the past, Mercy is helping us to survive the present, and Faith keeps us looking ahead. When you dont know to pray for yourself, the author says, someone else prayed or is praying for you. Thats what gets you through until you learn to talk to God for yourself. God does answer prayers. This lovely book of inspirational thoughts, poems, short speeches, and personal testimony shows the reader how to go on: by faith, one day at a time.

About the Author

Dallas, a wife, mother, and grandmother of four, has spent her entire life in the small country town of Amelia, Virginia, where she was born. Since her school years she has loved writing for people and special occasions. Marrying, starting a family, and becoming a production worker after graduating high school didnt leave enough time for writing. But when after thirty-eight years of working, a condition requiring surgery left her physically unable to resume her job, she began to gather her new material and was spiritually inspired to add to it and make it into a book. Although she grew up with the importance of God and church-going in her life, she admits that He was not always uppermost in her mind. But such an upbringing, she says, can have a lasting effect on a child. Dallas is a lifelong member of Union Branch Baptist Church, and has a wide variety of interests: Bible study and reading, sewing, cooking, listening to music, home and yard improvement projects, her grandchildren, and of course! writing.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 92