The Drift

By Anne Nicholas and J.J. Robinson
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The Drift: Bonded

Donovan Ashwood wishes he was just a normal teenager. He already has the usual problems of an overbearing father, a bully at school, and, of course, school itself. On top of that, Donovan carries the guilt of his mother dying while giving birth to him. He tries to find solace in his only two friends: Brendan and Britney Palmer, twins with high IQs and a similar low social standing. But even that has problems because of the “more than friends” feelings he harbors for Britney. Donovan also has a supernatural problem. When he is of age, he will have the drift — the ability to turn, at will, into a seven-foot-tall werewolf. His father tries to guide Donovan and help prepare him for the drift, but strange events begin happening to him, culminating in a tragic event that turns his life upside down, opening up a new world he never even knew existed. Donovan will have to become much more than the normal teenager he longs to be and learn about his unusual and unexplainable power and how to control it — or else put his friends and himself in danger.

About the Author

Anne Nicholas and J.J. Robinson were born to different families on the same day in the same hospital. They have had a lifelong brother-sister relationship and live together in a quaint, rural town far from their childhood homes.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 402