The Dragons Of Eden

By Jerimy Drew Carr
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“From the darkness of the void, a light appeared. The light was small and faint at first. Then it grew into a circle globe that became bigger and brighter. It appeared to be a pearl floating through space. Out of the pearl came a sun, stars, and a galaxy of planets… A vortex appeared above a blue planet. Below the globe and through the vortex came flying through, a giant great white dragon…”

The Dragons of Eden is a thrilling tale that invites young readers to explore a fantastical world of dragons, magic, and adventure as they learn of the four great dragons—North, East, South, and West—who protect the world for the Mother Pearl who created them.

About the Author

Jerimy Drew Carr is a U.S. Army veteran, husband, and father. He was a ship captain for half of his life and developed his imagination on the open seas.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 68