The Divinity Protocol

By Berkeley Johnson
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The murder of Ben Samson’s daughter at the hands of jihadists provokes profound grief, propelling him to take extraordinary measures in the desperate hope of changing humanity’s future. Assembling teams of experts in disparate disciplines, Ben plans to build a better human race at any cost. Instead, the unintended consequences of his plan trigger a catastrophic sequence of events that re-shapes the very foundation of what makes us human… 

The Divinity Protocol is one wild ride with a unique glimpse into sciences that will surely impact all of us in our lifetimes. The potential of these technological concepts are mind blowing! 

-Dr. Georges Roussos, Physics, Futurist

“It reads like a Dan Brown novel.”

-Aimee Mosco, author

While built on a rich and complex scientific framework, it is a very human story that reveals itself in the pages of The Divinity Protocol. The authors have created a tale compelling enough to appeal to any reader - including those not typically drawn to science fictions.

-Mary Adam Thomas, author and editor

The concepts presented and their potential impact on the near future of our technological evolution will stay with you long after you’ve read the final page.

-Peter Levin, Partner-Andreessen Horowitz

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 314