The Divine Law: Women In A Changing World

By Reverend Lawrence L. Blankenship
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Available as an ebook from Google and Amazon, see below. There are many misconceptions about women in the church. With careful attention to both sides of the controversy, Rev. Blankenship presents the question of whether women should serve as preachers in the pulpit. His examination of the issue draws on biblical and Gospel sources, and offers full discussion of these Scriptural sources. This book makes a womans point of view clearer and easier to understand. The author shows, through biblical and Gospel exploration, how the roles of women have changed drastically in our time, citing specific instances of women remaining obedient to the words of God. At any point in life, the author states, a woman should learn that following God is an absolute necessity. The Divine Law: Women in a Changing World is Rev. Blankenships third book in this series; the first and second are The Divine Law: The Law of God and the Law of the States, Vols. 1 and 2.

About the Author

Reverend Lawrence L. Blankenship was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida, where he still lives today. He has been serving the Church and the community in general as a clergyman since 1974. He has developed a growing general practice which includes logic, theology, philosophy, scholar, and knowledge of civil and criminal law. An active member of the Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, he served as assistant to the late Reverend E.D. Blankenship Sr., and also counsels clergymen and church members in both faith and business matters. In the community, Rev. Blankenship was involved with Pensacola Pen Wheels, Inc., and the Florida Department of Children and Families/Adult Services, Child Protection, and Food Stamp programs. When not writing, he enjoys maintaining his yard, talking to people, attending meetings in the community, and helping elderly people. But his main interest is in doing the Lords work and preaching the Gospel.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 40