The Dillys: To Belong

By G. Marquez
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Donny and Tad are two young boys who enjoy playing board games and outdoor games with each other. One Saturday, they decided they would go to the school to see if they could hang out with Roger and his gang. But when they get there, Roger is mean to Tad and teases him mercilessly. When Donny stands up for his friend, they tease him too. Donny and Tad decide to go home and play by themselves. When Roger shows up at Donnys door that evening, it prompts Donnys father to ask questions. Donny explains to him that Roger and his gang were mean to Tad, and Donny suggests making his own gang with Tad. With the help of his father, Donny and Tad make a new gang that is always nice to everyone.

About the Author

G. Marquez has a bachelors degree in Sociology and Social Work, and she has a history working with children in difficult situations. She wrote this book to help young children who are surrounded by negative influences. She hopes that The Dillys series will be good role models for these children.

Cover design by Kristoffer Lloyd U. Valera, original sketch by Kristin Harbert

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 34