The Diary Of White Buffalo

By White Buffalo
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Life has always been and will always be a struggle toward a more purposeful and God-driven life wherein we are blessed by the Fathers words and are taken to a righteous path to meet the ones we are destined to meet.

The Diary of White Buffalo is a collection of journal entries that illustrates ones everyday battle against the Dark Ones forces, ones victory through Gods provision, and ones own strength, perseverance, and faith.

Today our society is almost of a maligned nature, justifying incredulously sinful acts with the thought that we are already in the modern age, where almost everything and almost every act are but common. We are forgetting the real essence of our existence, which is to keep in touch with nature and with our Creator.

Our world is nearing the edge of destruction, but now all hope is lost. We can still save whats left of our spirituality and offer it to the Most High.

About the Author

White Buffalos experiences of the divine and darkness through prayers and in her everyday life inspired her to write this book.

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Published: 2005
Page Count: 32