The Devil’S Stone

By Marie Reindorp
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Omar Ash Raff is a man of honor. He lives in Sierra Leone, a country rife with diamond smugglers. Omar knows what diamonds can do to a man. He’s chased that dream all his life. He safeguards Okra Hill – the most valuable piece of diamond-rich, real-estate the country possesses from being pillaged by rebels, diamond conglomerates and the corrupt government that will sell it to the highest bidder. Okra Hill belongs to the people. Protecting it is insurance that if the people can’t have it – nobody else will.

Dawn Peake’s plane is diverted to Freetown. She has no intention of staying in a rebel-infested nation but from the moment she meets Omar she’s drawn into the rebel conflict. They head to a remote mining town where six-year-old Bingo lives. Bingo has a red stone. Flawless and larger than an orange, locals fear that whoever touches it dies. The rebel leader steals it. Bingo believes it will restore his family and wants it back. But when the entire country creates a diamond fever over the red stone Omar realizes the power he’d have if he owned it.

In a land of voodoo, devils and secret societies Omar sets out to hunt down the priceless diamond. Together, Dawn, Omar and Bingo must play their part in finding the “DEVIL’S STONE.” Along the way they form lasting friendships that changes their lives forever.

About the Author

Marie Reindorp is an English native who traveled the world extensively as a tour guide. Many of her stories are based on her adventures and experiences of her travels and the places she’s lived in.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32